Membership Overview

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Membership Overview

The many benefits that AARO offers you:


  • AARO offers you governmental representation in the auto industry.
  • Professional promotion within the industry
  • Networking in terms of special, training and meetings
  • Rewards Program
  • Reduced commercial, home, auto, health and dental insurance
  • Education with regularly web updates, news and a quartely industry newsletter.
  • Discounts on Credit Card and P.O.S. systems
  • Reduced costs for Member websites, hosting and development of more robust website needs.
  • Advertising opportunies seen by thousands every month.
    and much more…

    Direct Links:

  • To learn about all of AARO’s benefits, go to benefits
  • To review and find the best insurance for you go to insurance.
  • To get better rates on credit card and payment processing system go credit.
  • To learn about web hosting and professional web development through AARO for your business see “What are my web options”
  • You or your staff need training, AARO offers a wide range of training – you should find training options that fit you best.


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  • Take advantage of all the benefits
  • If already a member get the ‘early bird’ re-registration rewards
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AARO helps people just like you!